Windows and Doors

RS Renovations specializes in window installation and finishing. The measurements for your new windows are done on the spot and are measured from brick to brick. The measurements are then sent to a supplier and an estimate is provided. We then pick up the windows and have them installed and finished. Many companies measure new windows frame to frame thereby leaving the old window frames. This can cause a whole host of problems such as leaks, freezing, water damage, lack of insulation, etc. Therefore, at RS Renovations, we believe that it’s important that your old windows are completely replaced. We work with many window suppliers and manufacturers to provide you with a large assortment of windows made from vinyl, aluminum, and wood which come in a variety of different colors and textures.

RS Renovations also supplies and installs many types of doors such as: entry, interior, patio, and garage doors. Entry doors are available in PVC, steel, fiberglass and solid wood depending on style and budget. Entry doors may come with accessories such as built in window panes and side window panes. The outdoor finishing of the entry door is done by bending aluminum, of the same color, and sealing it with silicon. Interior doors come in a variety of designs such as: solid wood doors, plated wood doors, French doors, sliding doors, folding doors, etc. Garage doors can be made out of steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass which come in various styles, textures, and colors.


The window has a wood interior and aluminum exterior. It’s a double-hung window which has two sliding sashes for efficient ventilation. The built-in blinds are sealed within the panes of glass; therefore, they are protected from dirt, dust, and physical contact. Once the window is installed, the sliding sashes are stained and lacquered. Wood finished windows are luxurious and meant to impress. The addition of wood moldings around the window gives it character and adds a touch of class. This is just one example of the types of windows available if you choose RS Renovations for your window renovations.

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