Montreal Painters

Painting is an integral part of any renovation. A badly painted room can ruin any improvement or remodeling that was done. A proper color choice and professional paint job will make your home look much more inviting and will offer a crisp look that will impress.

RS Renovations has a lot of experience painting with oil, latex, melamine and epoxy paints. There are low, semi, and high gloss paints available. Semi and high gloss paints are used for rooms which have a high moisture content, such as kitchens and bathroom, and are also used for window trimmings and moldings because they are more durable and easier to clean than low gloss paints. Low gloss paints are used for most rooms and ceilings because it offers a more elegant look; however, they are harder to clean and less durable. Oil and latex paints are generally used for interior walls, ceiling, and trimmings. Melamine paints are used for cabinets and shelves because they are washable and durable. Epoxy paints are resistant to water and dirt and are used to paint garage floors, outside foundations, and concrete.

RS Renovations provides high quality professional paint jobs for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, trimmings, railings, foundations, garages, cabinets and much more.

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