RS Renovations is specialized in installing many types of flooring such as: hardwood, parquetry, floating, linoleum, vinyl, laminates, tiles and natural stone. Hardwood floors are available in cherry, oak, or maple wood. There are many types of tiles available depending on the client’s needs. Vinyl and laminate flooring are generally used in commercial buildings due to its low cost and high durability. However, in homes, classier floors are generally made from tiles or natural stones such as granite, porcelain, and marble. Kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances usually use tiles because it is more resistant to water damage and easy is to clean. RS Renovations offers a wide selection of premium tiles and natural stone available for your flooring needs.


The hardwood floors were installed by RS Renovations and were sanded, stained, and varnished by flooring experts. Before installing the hardwood floors, tar paper is place over the plywood to prevent humidity from getting into the wood. The plywood is screwed properly onto the beams to ensure that the floors won’t cringe and crack over time. Hardwood floors come in many different widths. Generally, a smaller width is preferred because it prevents the joints from rising and creating a waving pattern throughout the floors. A high quality varnish is used to ensure longevity and prevent humidity and water from seeping between the joints and damaging the floors.

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