Décor and Moldings

Decorative moldings can work wonders to transform a boring box into a wonderful room. Moldings can be installed as baseboards, casings around your windows and doors, crown moldings, and chair railing moldings. You will be amazed how a home can have more character and luxury with the simple addition of wider moldings and a better presentation. RS Renovations provides MDF or wood moldings which are available in many different styles.

Baseboard moldings are installed at the bottom of a wall against the floor. Quarter rounds are used to bridge the baseboard moldings and floor. Baseboards are typically between 2 to 6 inches in width and come in a variety of different styles. A larger width provides more class and character; however, if it’s too wide it might overpower a room. Casing moldings are used to fill the gap between a window and wall or a door and wall. It typically varies between 1 to 4 inches wide. We can provide you with casing moldings that are simple or very detailed depending on your budget. Crown moldings bridge the ceiling and walls and are used to impress. They are quite an investment and are usually used in rooms with high ceilings and where you would normally welcome guests. They measure between 2 to 20 inches depending on the size and height of the room. Chair railing moldings are horizontal to the floor and span the entire wall. They are approximately 30 inches in height are used to protect the walls from bumping chairs. They can also be used as decoration and are usually installed in dining, sitting, and living rooms. RS Renovations has the expertise needed to provide a look which will impress and not overpower a room.

Other types of moldings available are for fireplaces and staircases. RS Renovations supplies and installs a variety of different types of moldings which will add to your décor and provide your home with character and beauty.

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