Basement Renovations

Old basements are generally an area for storage and are much too dark and damp to feel comfortable or relaxed inside. Renovating a basement can be an easy and low cost way to add living space to your home, while still providing adequate storage space. Before renovating a basement, RS Renovations looks at a few factors when planning a basement renovation: Does the basement have a high ceiling? Does your basement have moisture and mold? Is there a persistent odor in the items you store in your basement? Are there any cracks in your walls and floors? Is there enough lighting? Once these problems have been addressed, we can transform your basement into a room which rivals the rest of your home.

Moisture in your basement may be caused by leaks through the walls and floors. This must be corrected because a damp basement is not a suitable living space. Moisture can cause extensive damage and offers an opportunity for mold growth. Damp walls and floors are the result of poor draining at the foundation and footing, cracks within the foundation, and a high water table. RS Renovations takes a look at the available solutions and carries them out effectively, while keeping costs low.


Proper air circulation is very important for air quality in your basement. Once the sources of water have been addressed and removed, excess humidity, stale air and mold growth can still be a problem if there isn’t adequate air circulation. The type of heating you use can affect air circulation. Electric baseboard heaters, for example, supply heat but provide no air circulation, while forced air heating systems circulate air throughout your home. RS Renovations provides heating and ventilation solutions for your basement.

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